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Here's how RV Search Assistant works...

SEARCH RESULTS:  RV Search Assistant is built to deliver results and show you the RV inventory for sale that is closest to you based on zip code.  The inventory browser that is delivered will display the distance from your location and as you continue to go through the pages of the browser you'll see the distance increase.  You can browse everything or target your search by type, manufacturer, brand, or condition.  In all cases, you'll always see what's closest to you first.  

ASSETS:  When viewing the browser, you'll notice that some units may have icons prompting you to view 360 virtual tours when available as well as videos.  When on the browser and clicking onto the icons, you will still remain here on RV Search Assistant.  This will allow you to continue your search before you're pointed to the seller.

FLOOR PLAN DIRECTORY:  When visiting our Floor Plan Directory, you'll see that you can search all floor plans for one specific brand.  Included on the page will be 360 virtual tours, video, and product brochure when available by the manufacturer.  Our Floor plan Directory continues to grow daily so if you don't see what you're looking for come back!




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